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The Centre's Philosophy

Through acknowledging the Darug People, the Traditional Custodians of the land, we at Windsor Preschool believe every child is entitled to a safe, secure and engaging environment free from bias.

We believe that through the uniqueness of each child, they learn and develop best when exploring their world through stimulating, enriching and challenging play so to reach their potential as a wholistic member of our community.

Windsor Preschool believes children learn and develop best when exploring their world through stimulating, engaging and challenging play. Our environment provides opportunities for children to reach their potential in the areas of: physical abilities, creative arts, problem solving, mathematical skills, language and literacy, caring for their environment and the importance of sustainability – and importantly we build positive and collaborative relationships with peers and Educators.

We believe families are a valued part of our centre and bring hopes and ideals about their child’s education and learning to the centre. We encourage families to have input into our program and offer times for family engagement with the service and their child. We are committed to and value the importance of Early Childhood education and the role it plays in laying the foundation for lifelong learning or love of learning.

Throughout your child’s Preschool journey, staff engage in intentional teaching experiences, we believe in building rich relationships with the children and therefore the children are our priority. We believe young children learn effectively through hands on experiences and provide experiences to engage and challenge the children. Windsor Preschool engages in structured program working in conjunction with local schools to prepare our children for their school journey.

Our children are given positive guidance within the bounds of age appropriate acceptable behaviour. We model fairness and resilience, whilst building self-esteem and encouraging independence. Windsor Preschool values the importance and recognises the importance of relationships amongst all stakeholders and the influence of these relationships on the program.

Windsor Preschool has developed strong bonds within the community and regularly invite these members into the preschool to engage in Preschool programs. Windsor Preschool has strong bonds and values the Community and the contributions it makes to our service.

“We as the Management Committee believe Windsor Preschool is a vital part of our community and the community is a vital part of the Preschool.”



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